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The brand FLATPROVIDER was founded in 2013 by the managing partner of PNOBEPO HGmbH, Mr. Bernd Riepl, and since then has been dealing with the topic of short-term rentals and the closely related areas of long-term rentals and real estate.


Almost at the same time as the company was founded, another person, Mr. Hans Peter Kebhart (real estate agent with a network of independent agents, united under the brand Immo – Express) also began to deal with the topic of short-term rentals. Through the regular exchange of information between the two friends, but also other people in the closer environment, it quickly became apparent that all, in relation to the business field of short-term rentals, faced the same challenges and considerations.


On the one hand, the market is growing steadily, thus confirming the economically interesting business model; on the other hand, the number of annual tourists is not increasing in the same proportion, and the legal framework is also becoming increasingly difficult. A professional action and the use of synergies was and is therefore more than ever immensely important for the economic success of a tourist rented apartment.


The fact that we, as a team of economically independent persons, come from different areas of the economy and are also still active in these, enables us to discuss different approaches to solutions in the case of challenges and to fall back on a large amount of know-how and experience – framework conditions that enable synergies and have a positive effect on our economic work.


Our synergetic cooperation is characterized by voluntariness and openness and can also be used by anyone who decides to work with the FLATPROVIDER brand. We can draw from the wealth of experience of real estate agents and real estate financiers, insurance brokers, the hospitality industry and real estate rentals, and implement and expand these strengths under the FLATPROVIDER brand.

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